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Miley cyrus naked masterbating

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Her new music video was supposed to come out tomorrow, but it's leaked all over us just now! Miley's gotta savagely beat the living hell out of her old "Hannah Montana" Disney image you know. Snooki nude fakes. Hendrik says — reply to this. She also made out with a black Jesus. Miley cyrus naked masterbating. Who needs to have any talent anyway?

I just lost like 4 I. Her next one involves sucking 5 dicks. Celebs Who Love To Fart! She's trying to be shocking, which only makes her look immature since masturbating is a very natural thing.

It would be genius if it hasn't all been done before.

Miley cyrus naked masterbating

What a horrible, terrible, misleading article title. Looks like she loves porn. Kanye Kardashian KK says — reply to this. The best Cinco De Mayo party!! Next time, use a condom. Real big tit milf. There would be absolutely no objection to any of this had the performance taken place where it should have: Ch-ch-check out the clip above!

Oh wait, scratch that. Nancy — Of course masturbation is normal, and most women comfortable with their bodies do it, but we don't broadcast it for others; porn stars do that. An ice cream sundae may be the most luxurious of things to some. She tries WAY too hard. Poor Miley, how about poor kids who idolize her and may one day be like her.

Can't say the same for Miley can we? She needs to know what she did in the past still and will always reflect on her future. WOW says — reply to this. Just keep up the vulgar behavior until your breakdown and rehab or until the public just gets tired of you.

Then, you can fulfill your destiny as a trivia question for the Disney channel.

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However, I see no point, why for a song entitled "Adore You", a person needs to be masturbating.

Again, she is doing it for shock value, not because it has any artistic merit or any social commentary. Very big ass naked. I have no problem with nudity or whatever she's doing, but there's no art or message behind it.

Our best and worst dressed from the MetGala and recapping the major looks! Lady Amalthea says — reply to this. David says — reply to this. Jenn says — reply to this. But for her to take this song and do a video like this… Just ruins it even more for me…. Miley cyrus naked masterbating. Alphonso says — reply to this. Even more disgusting is that Miley used to call herself a Christian yet she seems to have made it her personal mission to make Christmas a sexual perversion.

When you have no talent or class you must be over the top trash to keep your name in the news. If come back, of course. Irish women escorts. Teresa says — reply to this. We don't have any friends. Other countries, that hate us, are seeing us, represented by people that are not like us, and they are confusing us, with this low moral example.

She needs to smarten up. G — No, dear. Miley cant do beautiful or class.

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But god fucking forbid the music be discussed in the comment thread, it has to be all about her almost playing pocket pinball and what a slut she is for it. You don't have to believe me, watch Pink's documentary. Female sexuality — I don't have a problem with another female masturbating, but I think that it looks like a pathetic cry for attention when they do it in a music video. Blonde busty lesbian porn. Having said that, sex still sells. My problem is that VMA approved this as well. It amazes me … you can be sexy and beautiful without this ….

Everyone can do it, male or female. This song would have been perfect for a soft, beautiful scene. I Find it sad since their is many of teenage girls following her what is our future generation coming to?

Ch-ch-check out the clip above! Also if you think this is degrading but you don't talk shit about Carl's Jr.

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Somebody should of told this girl that you do not and I will repeat you do not do these kinds of things in front of a camera unless you are a porn star!!! Her new manager Larry Rudolph, the same of Britney Spears. Women getting stripped naked. Just curious, not sure if I I missed it. It is her life, her image and her career! Asians all together can hear, and see what you're visually thinking. Videos girls lesbian They are having her act this way, and who cares its not hurting anyone but her. There's definitely a double standard in America.

Most people do not feel bad for those who are going through REAL problems. She have lost her energy, her soul, her charism, her brightness and a bit of her beauty too on live performances She need new songs, new singles like 7 Things to properly enjoy all these her qualities on stage, if she still have them hidden somewhere, I believe she still have. I don't see it as being a sex tape but, as a way of expressing self love and how that can be shared with another.

I bet Miley's having sex with herself and adoring herself in the mirror a lot these days.

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